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Many homeowners make the mistake of seeing leaking gutters as an afterthought, something to be put at the end of a long to-do list. What they don’t realize, however, is that this seemingly small problem can become incredibly costly. Left alone, leaking or blocked gutters can cause unnecessary damage to the structure of your home - which often ends up costing hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair.  Rather than taking that chance, the best thing you can do is pay attention. Know the signs of a problem, catch them early. Then, if needed, get help to diagnose the real issue so that it can be fixed once and for all. Your home and your wallet will thank you.

gutter repair 1Common Gutter Problems

  • Blockage: Sometimes debris like leaves and branches can get caught in your gutter and stop the flow of water. Typically, this is a relatively easy fix and all that’s required is a thorough cleanout to remove the blockage. However, if you start to notice water spots on the underside of your gutters or pooling water near your foundation, that’s a sign of greater damage.
  • Sagging: Gutters sag for a variety of reasons. Colder weather can cause ice dams to expand and stress them, debris can weigh them down, leaning a ladder against the home can cause damage, or a hanger can break. That said, regardless of the cause, once you notice sagging, it’s important to rectify the issue as soon as you can. The longer a section is left sagging, the more likely it is that you’ll have to worry about replacing damaged sections.
  • Improper Pitch: Ideally, gutters will be pitched at either 1/8 or 1/16-inch per foot to keep water flowing properly. Sometimes, either due to the settling of the foundation over time or incorrect installation, a home’s gutters will be pitched incorrectly, which results in pooling water and eventual corrosion.

If you notice any of these issues occurring in your home, a speedy repair is the best way to keep more substantial damage at bay. Give us a call today at 720-474-1061 to receive a free estimate within one business day.   

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gutter repair 2Our Gutter Repair Process

  • Inspection: Most of the time, a gutter leak is just a symptom of a larger, underlying problem. When a client calls us about a leak, our first step is to come out and inspect the property. We take the time to see the root cause of the leak and resolve it in the way that fixes the issue once and for all.
  • Free Estimate: Once one of our qualified team members has had a chance to diagnose the issue, we’ll offer you a free estimate and recommendation for the work that needs to be done. Then, if you accept our proposal, we’ll schedule a time to do the work.
  • Cleaning: If a clog is the issue, we’ll scoop out any obvious debris, scrape the gutters to remove any harden clumps, use a professional grade tool to blow out any lasting remnants, and then power wash the gutters in full to ensure that they’re as clean as can be. If desired, we can add one of our trusted leaf guard products that will help the gutters stay clear for the long haul.
  • Replacement: In the event that the problem is a bit more extensive, we’ll go in to fix any underlying damage done to your fascia or soffit board, replace your faulty gutter with one of our 0.32 aluminum-gauge mastic products to cut down on the possibility of rust, and then we’ll paint the new gutter to match.
  • Final Walk-Through: After our work is done, we’ll walk you through everything that we’ve done and answer any questions you may have to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our work.

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